The work of collaborative duo Barbezat-Villetard takes over physical – and mental –territories, arranging objects or setting up installations that temporarily graft themselves to the given space (...). The resolutely minimal, though sometimes radical, intervention by this Franco-Swiss duo is not intended to serve as a declaration of form. 
By reducing, extending and ablating shapes, sections, perspectives and volume, they create remote spaces, both real and imaginary. The duo deploys a geometric compendium reminiscent of the formal chemical and biological nomenclatures that allows them to play with the boundaries between the inside and outside, the visible and the invisible. In doing so, they offer the viewer a new perception of space, enabling him to truly modulate his environment. (...) The landscapes they redraw are as sweeping as they are untamed, as tiny as they are aseptic, and renders the, albeit fragile, perception of spacetime intervals possible.


Matthieu Barbezat & Camille Villetard



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